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Your complaint will be addressed through concerned telecom operator subject to following terms and conditions:
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To Avoid Blocking of Mobile Number due to SPAM/ Bulk SMSs
  • Every operator has anti-spam filters in order to control spam activity in their respective networks. SMS outgoing services will be blocked automatically in case of one of the following criteria:
    If a subscriber exceed a frequency of sending more than 150 SMSs/15 minutes, 250 SMSs/1 hour and 1000 SMSs in 24 hrs.
  • As per procedure, maximum two times restoration is allowed (if not involved in marketing/ unsolicited communication) and on third time subscription will be suspended and restoration will be subject to submission of undertaking as per format provided by PTA.
To Report Unsolicited/ SPAM Through Short Code 9000
  • A dedicated common short code 9000 is available to consumers for reporting spamming/marketing communication/ text messages for blocking of the same at respective operator’s end (after verification).
  • Procedure to report: Send an SMS at short code 9000 and in body of the text/ message first write spammer number then after a space paste or write the content of the message you received from spammer.
To Block Promotional/ Marketing/ Unsolicited Communication
  • Consumers have facility to register their number in Do Not Call Register (DNCR) by sending a message at short code 3627 with the text “reg”. Once the subscriber is registered at DNCR then no promotional messages will be delivered to such subscriber.
  • If a subscriber wants to receive messages he/she can do it by sending a message “unreg” to short code 3627.
To Block Obnoxious & Fraudulent Communications - Short Code 420
  • Subscribers who do not wish to receive any communication including obnoxious calls/SMSs from any particular number, may avail 420 short code (by dialing *420#/ 420) facility offered by all mobile operators for blocking such communication. The operator then restricts that number from calling/SMS to the complainant again.
  • You can also block numbers on your own mobile set. Most mobile phones have an option to block any caller.


  • Procedure for Blocking of Lost/Stolen/Theft Mobile Handset (IMEI(s)):

    You may lodge this online complaint of lost/stolen/theft mobile handset for its blocking. Upon successful registration of the complaint, the reported mobile handset (IMEI(s)) will be blocked only within 24 hours.

  • Procedure for Unblocking of Lost/Stolen/Theft Mobile Handset (IMEI(s)):

    Upon recovery of your lost/stolen/theft mobile handset with the assistance of Police Station, CPLC, etc. you may lodge online complaint for unblocking of recovered mobile handset.

  • Reporting to CPLC/ Police and Assistance in Recovery of Mobile Handset:

    You are advised to report the lost/stolen/theft mobile handset complaint with concerned Police Station or Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) Karachi on their Help Lines: +92-(21)35682222, +92-(21)35662222, 1102 or Email: Info@cplc.org.pk for the recovery of your lost/stolen/theft mobile handset, please.